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■ Main properties of Teflon:

PTFE (Teflon) has extremely strong carbon-fluorine bond and high molecular weight, making it have following superior properties:

Wide range of operating temperature: -200℃~+250℃

Resistance to various corrosive chemical agents

Resistance to stickiness

Extremely low friction coefficient


Good electrical properties (not change with frequency and temperature)

Excellent mechanical properties, resistance to shock, high resilience

No aging problem

Resistance to moisture and ultraviolet light


■ Purpose of Teflon:

What makes it outstanding is that it is totally exempted from any effect of (almost all) chemical agents and has smooth surface, and it is able to maintain its physical properties within wide temperature range (-270 °C~385 °C). It can be used as the sealing gasket and the parts of bearings, containers, valves and pumps working in corrosive environment. It can also be used as the cover layer of digester, saw blade and other products. It is also important for the aerospace industry.

■ Product specifications:

Product No.: TF20001

Product name: Seal Throttle Valve, SA

Product No.: TF202-20003

Product name: Washer Teflon

Product No.: TF20002

Product name: Washer Teflon

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