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Enterprise Introduction

Constantly pursuit “innovation”, put greater demand on “perfection”

Core spirit of “customer orientation”

KTSEAL CO., Ltd., founded in 1998, is planned according to the workshop and equipment standard of high-tech company at first, and the company always adheres to high standard to manufacture rubber seals, for example, the workshop planning, staff, equipment and marketing are different from common traditional rubber manufacturers; currently, the company has independent technique of manufacturing KT FFKM O-RING, and such product is resistant to the acid, alkali and high temperature and applicable to the environment requiring high cleanliness degree.

Testing and analysis of mixture and material

Ktseal can test and analyze the mixture and material, and maintain a totally qualified analysis lab by cooperating with the supplier of raw material. This lab, recognized by both Taiwan Laboratories Association and USA Laboratories Association, will accept strict training and testing every year; the company is able to make FTIR, T.G.A and OVEN for the rubbers and test the hardness, pressure/tension, compression set and others.

Manufacture procedure

The main production base and focus of KTseal is located at Hsinchu industry park where manufacturing industry is very developed, and the company has the workshop covering an area of 10,000 sq ft. The high-quality seals are directly supplied to those customers manufacturing high-quality products in Taiwan and the global, and perfluoroelastomer products are manufactured in the clean room by our company. All Ktseal manufacture equipments can make full use of the elastomer manufacture capacity through the production scheduling, and the company can manufacture various products within the same production center and ensure the product stability.

Manufacture equipment

KTseal specifies several steps to manufacture rubber sealing products with its equipments. At first, it will purchase raw materials from world-wide manufacturers. And then the received goods will be checked by the company lab to see if they meet our quality requirements. The equipments used by the company can manufacture those products of various specifications. Various compression molding equipments and latest injection molding technique are included. All manufacture equipments and tools in KTseal comply with elastomers standards.

Quality management

KTseal has clean factory and equipment that meet the pollution requirements. We will pay attention to particle problem before delivery of raw materials to KTseal. In addition, avoid making polymer a source of pollution during transportation. We have environment-control storage equipments, all received goods will be subject to IQC verification, and the prepared material and specification shall be consistent with the products manufactured. Those mixed and pre-formed materials will be used in clean work zone, after first-time sulphurating in the deflashing equipment and second-time sulphurating for inspecting, UPDI cleaning is required in the clean room of 10,000 Class, and then OQC will be done according to consumers’ requirements.

Environment introduction

R&D achievements

Create own brand KTseal

  • Good physical properties
  • Qualified supplier of semiconductor and photoelectric plants

Meet customer demand

  • Developed the bonded washer mold, and obtained Taiwan patent

Meet customer demand

  • Developed the large-size washer mold, and obtained Taiwan patent

Break through the material

  • The developed pre-formed O-ring obtained Taiwan patent

Technical innovation – manufacture process

Cross-linking temperature
Cross-linking time
Cross-linking pressure
Cross-linking environment
Mold design
Clean production

Certificate of authorization