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Fluorocarbon rubber

Fluorocarbon rubber


■ Fluorocarbon rubber (FKM: HK):

Generally, it is manufactured in the copolymer form of vinylidene fluoride and hexafluoropropylene, which is the rubber material of high price and high quality, with commercially available product including FKM from DuPont and Fluorel from 3M. This O-ring material has excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, oils, solvents, etc. After exposure at high temperature up to 220°C for 16h, it can still maintain at least 1/2 of original properties, and it has better performance at low temperature, thus it can be used at low temperature of -40°C. After reinforcement by adding additives, the tensile strength can be improved significantly, but its low-temperature tensile properties may decrease slightly. It has good resistance to oxidation, ozone and combustion. The hardness of traditional formula products is within Shore A 65-95, and several other formulas are also available.

It is easy to be etched by ketones, diamines, anhydrous ammonia, skydrol (phosphate ester) and other fluids, and reinforcement is necessary to achieve high quality. This product is mainly used in seal, gasket, diaphragm, pump impeller, pipeline, high-vacuum and radiation equipments, etc.

■  Limiting factors:

Its resistance to long-time tearing is common; and it has poor resistance to oxides and solvents. The following is our technique description.

■ Chemical properties:

ASTM D1418 Designation:FKM

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